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Benefits for the Subscribers
(i.e. Real Estate Developers & Agents, Landlords etc.)
  • Real Estate Developers, Agents and Landlords can subscribe and list their properties for sales and rental.
  • Subscriber can create a profile page for themselves and view their listings at Nibash.com
  • Subscriber will have total control over their own profile and choose their marketing priorityfrom Nibash.com.
  • Subscriber will be able to develop their own contents to show the descriptions and can add images of the listed properties.
  • Subscriber will have total flexibility to update or edit their listed properties and any other information's.
  • Subscribers also can forward the listing manually to the Nibash Agent to type and upload their listings.
  • Subscribers don´t need to wait for the clients to find them Nibash.com will bring their listing in front of millions of people
  • For rental purpose Landlords will be able to list single or multiple properties and also can manage and track property contacts.
  • For fractional cost of subscriber´s daily marketing, Subscribers can bring their products to millions of users worldwide who are using World Wide Web.

Benefits for the Visitors
(www Visitors/Users looking for Property Purchase or rental purpose)
  • Visitors will have benefits of extensive search engine to find the right properties or contact details.
  • Visitors will be able to search by area, size, price range, type of property et.
  • Visitors will be able to create an account, sign up and can save their searches, contacts etc.
  • Visitor will be able to enjoy very user friendly navigations.
  • For the visitors searches can be organized by all available fields in either Ascending/Descending order
  • Visitors can communicate with Subscribers by sending an e-mail.
  • Visitors can save lots of time for finding the right properties either for their renting or purchasing purposes and they will also be able to submit listings or leads to Subscribers.
  • Visitors will be able to send emails to contact the landlords.

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