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Welcome to Nibash.com

Buy, Rent, Sell your properties in Bangladesh online.

NIBASH.com is a comprehensive Asset Information Management System for the Bangladeshi Real Estate Industry introduced by Twister Media Ltd. This web based application will not only act as an online Sales and Advertisement media but will also provide all the right tools necessary for the renting, selling and leasing of property as desired by Real Estate Developers, Landlords or Individual Property Owner.

NIBASH.com is an online solution having first hand information that has been crafted very finely over a long time. We undertook the long-term task of creating a data management solution for Leasing Agencies and developers throughout the city and surrounding areas just for the greater convenience of you. This solution gives Leasing Agencies and Developers the ability to maintain their apartment database on the web and give Apartment Seekers the ability to search through those databases directly and in real time.

This unique site provides you with the chance to post the latest information of properties for sell or rent at free of cost while preserving the great opportunity for you to be highlighted specially. Just for a certain amount of fee your properties will be exhibited as "Featured Properties" so that the prospective customers will always find you with the ease and simplicity. In addition to this exclusive featured facility, the property owners can highlight specially their profile including ongoing, upcoming and completed projects of their respected real estate company through the "Highlighted Developer" section as well as can show up their property ads through "Developer Showcase" segment where their ads will be exhibited one after one.

Most real estate locator sites on the web today are simply ad posting sites where agencies or owners can advertise a general apartment that may or may not be the actual apartment or may not be available at all. What makes Nibash.com unique is that it’s not a Posting site but an Actual Real Estate Database that Leasing Agents use to locate the listings that are available for you. The database grows every day with new Landlord listings and updates. NIBASH.com hosts the direct database of subscribing agencies as its backbone; therefore the moment a real estate agent enters an apartment as available, the customer is able to find that apartment on Our Site immediately. This system is supported by dedicated Leasing Agents who will guide you professionally through the often frustrating apartment search process and make sure that you get the properties that you want.

Our core concept is the commitment to make our clients experience productive and effective, as well as enjoyable. With the support of professional leasing agents and very rich database that hosts over 25,000 Real Apartments on real streets in real neighborhoods. We are confident that we can live up to our commitment, and yes, if your dream property is on for sale, rent or lease, you will find it, and we will be right there with you.

Nibash Pricing for the Listing and Advertisement
  • Post your Free Listings as many as you want:
  • Free Listing: We have a free trial system where you can get your property listed freely for 7 days after accepted by NIBASH Team.
  • Free Listing Expired: When your listing has been in our Nibash.com for 7 days, at the 5th days we will send reminder to you for letting you know that your free listing is getting expired would you like to go with our pay per basis listing or other different ways to show your listings in Bangladesh Real Estate Portal NIBASH.COM Fees are as follows:

General Listing for Land/ Apartment/ Commercial Space Sale or Rent
Package Name Duration Cost
Free Listing 7 days Free
Per Day 1 day 100
Per week 7 days 500/-
Per Month 30 days 1500/-
Per Quarter 3 months 3500/-
Half Year 6 months 7500/-
Yearly Whole year 10,000/-
Pricing Information for Developers/ Builder/ Corporate Clients
Package Name Duration Cost Remarks Visibility
Top Banner Ad Click Here 1 Month 75,000/- Will be sharing with other companies logo as scroll in all the pages Scope only top of the listing of the home page and others
Developer's showcase Click Here 1 Month 50,000/- Will be highlighted with 3 other sponsor add and scroll one after one On the top right corner in home page and others
Regular Banner Ad Click Here 1 Month 10,000/ Will be sharing regular banner spot and other compnies ad has scrolled in all the pages Scope 3 or 4 placing based on availability

Developer's Showcase